10 Year Celebration Online Goal
10,000,000 lbs Rescued

So Far
18,864,100 lbs
Project Directors

Gidi Kroch - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Gidi joined Leket Israel as CEO in July of 2007, bringing with him a wealth of administrative and hands-on experience after nearly two decades in the hi-tech sector in Israel and in the US. He holds a MBA from England's University of Derby and is a Lieutenant Commander (res.) in the Israeli Navy...

Pini Fefer - NPO Relations Director
Pini Fefer, NPO Relations Director served for seven years as an officer in the Israeli Airforce specializing in systems technology management. Mr. Fefer has 15 years of work experience managing several major Israeli corporations and 12 years experience in marketing and sales as the owner of a pri...

Zara Provisor - Sandwiches for Kids Project Director
Zara is a graduate of the Social Science & Administration Faculty of the London School of Economics (London University). She moved to Israel in 1985, together with her husband and family. After being an English teacher, Zara joined Leket Israel in 2005 as a volunteer, setting up and running the S...

Paul Leiba - Resource Development
Paul made aliyah from Melbourne, Australia in 1983 after completing degrees in Commerce and Social Work at the University of Melbourne. Paul joined Leket Israel in August 2003 after working for many years in the welfare field and six years as an apple grower in the Golan Heights. He is married ...

Guy Yehoshua - Project Leket (Gleaning)
Guy Yehoshua, an ex kibbutz member who was born and raised on Kibbutz Barkai, maintains over 26 years of experience in agriculture, irrigation systems, mechanics, and project management. Most recently Guy worked for 8 years as VP Operations for Ingeld, a buildings maintenance company, prior to j...

Yedidya Rosenberg - Leket Meal Rescue
Yedidya earned a BA in Geography & General Philosophy from Hebrew University in Har Tzofim, Jerusalem and has taken subsequent Master's level coursework in Nonprofit Management. He has 10 years experience working for nonprofit agencies in the management and coordination of projects, most recentl...

Shai Davaroff - Purchasing & Logistics
Currently serving as Leket Israel's Director of Purchasing and Logistics, Shai joined the organization at the time of its founding in 2003. Prior to that Shai served as an Airport Project Manager at Ben Gurion International Airport.