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It's Not Just About The Money
It's Not Just About The Money
2/17/2015 4:41:00 PM
The Truth about Giving to Israel: Watch Joseph Gitler’s Recent ELI Talk

Tips to Runners for Healthy Eating
Are you a runner participating in the Tel Aviv or Jerusalem Marathons with Team Leket? Below are a few tips on healthy eating before a Marathon. Leket Israel's Nutritionist, Smadar Hod Ovadia, outlines what to eat and drink starting 3-4 hours before a run. Read Smadar's tips below:

Run for Leket Israel in the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Marathons
Information and materials for Team Leket Participants in the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Marathons

UJA/JCC Greenwich Teens Decorate Sandwich Bags for Hungry Children in Israel
PHOTOS: Dec. 2014 - The UJA/JCC Greenwich Teen Action Committee ran a booth at the JCC Family Hanukkah Party where participants decorated beautiful sandwich bags for Leket Israel’s Sandwich Project. The sandwich bags will be used to distribute healthy and nutritious sandwiches to hundreds of hung...

Provide Citrus Fruit for the Needy this Winter
Vitamin C: Essential for staying healthy in the wintertime. This winter help Leket Israel provide Vitamin C filled citrus fruit to the needy. Make this winter a healthy one for Israel's poor! $1 = 10 lbs. of rescued food.

Screen Messages from US Gala Event
Five hundred guests celebrated Leket Israel’s 10 years of food rescue for the needy at its Second Annual Gala Dinner honoring the leadership of Joseph Gitler, Founder and Chairman of Leket Israel. View the personal screen messages from the Gala here:

American Friends of Leket Israel Annual Gala Dinner
American Friends of Leket Israel (AFOLI) celebrated Leket Israel’s 10 years of food rescue for the needy at its 2nd Annual Gala. The dinner, attended by 500 guests, honored Joseph Gitler, Founder & Chairman of Leket Israel with the Leadership Award and Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity was the Young Vi...

World Food Day in Knesset
About the World Food Day in the Knesset on November 4th, 2014.

Make It Your Resolution:  Prevent Waste & Feed the Needy
Your Support Makes A Difference Rescue Food And Feed Israel’s Needy

World Food Day in Israel
October 2014 - About ''World Food Day'' in Israel.

United Colors of Leket
United Colors of Leket

Story of a Recipient Family
Fate Strikes Even Those Who Never Would Have Expected It

Personal Message from Leket Israel for Rosh Hashana
Danelle Rubin, Leket Israel's PR & Development Coordinator, delivers a personal message from Leket Israel for Rosh Hashanah.

Save the Date for Leket's Gala: Journey of Giving
SAVE THE DATE for Leket Israel's Annual Gala Dinner ''Journey of Giving'' on December 13th, 2014 at the Avenue - Airport City in Israel. Over the past decade, Leket Israel has grown from a one-man operation to Israel's national food bank and largest food rescue network, providing vital nutritiona...

Glean for the Needy - An Invitation to a Family Happening on Sukkot
Join Leket Israel Oct. 12th, Chol HaMoed Sukkot, from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. picking produce to benefit those in need. The activity is free and all are welcome. Please bring water, hats, closed shoes, sunscreen and comfortable clothes. Our staff looks forward to greeting you at its Nahalal fields.

We Are Still in the South…
1,200 needy families in Ashkelon, Ashdod, Netivot, Sderot and Ofakim all received a boost in preparation for the upcoming holiday with food parcels provided by Leket Israel. The food, purchased from local suppliers, injected needed funds into the southern economy, while using the food to benefit...

AEPi fraternity raised 100K dollars for Leket Israel
September 2014. Over the past 4 years, the AEPi Jewish fraternity raised 100K dollars for Leket Israel to purchase a 15-ton refrigerated truck. Leket Israel’s final check covering the truck's purchase was offcially presented at the fraternity's 101st international convention in Toronto on August...

Fire at Leket Israel's Logistics Center
Photos showing the damage and repairs

Special Update IV: Supporting the South
July 30, 2014. ''Despite the ongoing difficulties, Leket Israel continues to do all in its’ power to support those most affected by the conflict with Hamas.'' Read the full update from Leket Israel's Founder here to learn what the organization is doing to help the south during this most difficult...

Special Update III: Real Needs from the Field
July 22, 2014. Dear Friends, These are certainly difficult days for Israel...As a result, Leket will purchase and pack 600 food boxes for distribution to 3 partner agencies in Ashkelon, Ashdod and Ofakim that we believe are best equipped to meet the current need...We ask for your support of our e...

Special Update II: Despite all Our trucks are on the move
July 15, 2014. Dear Friends, Thank you for your ongoing concern. Despite all…Leket Israel trucks are on the move. Allow me to update you to two of the many things we have achieved over the last couple of days: Leket Israel received 83,000 excess bread rolls from the IDF for redistribution to 7,...

Special Update from Leket Founder
July 9, 2014. Dear Friends, We thank you for your concern at this difficult time. Despite the situation, Leket Israel’s staff and volunteers continue to work nonstop providing food to 140,000+ needy Israelis throughout the country, including the besieged South. In the hope for better days soon. S...

Build a Food Basket for Israel’s Needy
Summer 2014. Can't get to the field? Do a virtual food rescue right from home with Leket Israel's new interactive site. Build your own basket of choice rescued food and help Leket Israel feed the country's needy. Try it today. Click here for more:

Joseph Gitler Named One of 50 Most Influential Jews
Summer 2014 - Joseph Gitler, Leket Israel's Founder and Chairman, was recently awarded two prestigious honors for his work in food rescue for the benefit of Israel's needy. The Jerusalem Post, in its annual Shavuot issue, named Joseph one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world. Joseph was a...

Leket Israel and the Shmita Year
The Sabbatical Year (Shmita) begins on the 1st of the Hebrew month of Tishrei 5775 (September 25, 2014). The laws of Shmita are extremely relevant to the agricultural work of Leket Israel. The decisions regarding Leket Israel’s operations during the Shmita year are based on extensive research and...

Wish a Happy Father's Day with E-Cards from Leket Israel
Send a Father's Day E-Card from Leket Israel. A great way to show you care while helping to rescue food for Israel's needy. Your donation will enable Leket Israel to continue its mission rescuing surplus healthy food and delivering it to tens of thousands of Israelis in need.

Leket Israel Founder Among Top 50 Most Influential Jews
Leket Israel is pleased to announce that its beloved Founder, Joseph Gitler was chosen as 25th among the Jerusalem Post's annual list of the top 50 most influential Jews from Israel and around the world. Read an exclusive Jerusalem Post (JPost) interview conducted by JPost correspondent Marion F...

Leket Israel Participates in the 50th Anniversary Celebrate Israel Parade
June 1, 2014. American Friends of Leket Israel participated in the 50th Anniversary Celebrate Israel Parade in New York City. Leket Israel’s float this year was designed by a third grader from Manhattan Day School, Izzy Dachs, winner of our 2014 design contest. Izzy and his family rode on the flo...

Leket Israel Founder, Joseph Gitler, Awarded Prize at Knesset Ceremony
May 15, 2014. Joseph Gitler, Leket Israel's Founder and Chairman, received the Inaugural Nefesh B'Nefesh Bonei Zion Prize at a ceremony today at the Knesset. The Speaker of the Knesset, Yuli Edelstein, awarded Joseph this prestigious recognition for his work in establishing Israel's National Foo...

Third Grade Student at Manhattan Day School Wins  American Friends of Leket Israel’s Float Design Contest
Israel: May 8, 2014 – Izzy Dachs, a third grade student at Manhattan Day School on New York’s Upper West Side came in first place in American Friends of Leket Israel’s Celebrate Israel Parade Float Design Contest. Izzy and his family will ride on the float he designed at this year’s Celebrate Isr...

Wish a Happy Mother's Day with E-Cards from Leket Israel
Send your mother an E-Card from Leket Israel. A great way to show you care while helping to rescue food for Israel's needy. Your donation will enable Leket Israel to continue its mission rescuing surplus healthy food and delivering it to tens of thousands of Israelis in need.

Adopt a Tree
We invite you to adopt a tree at Leket Israel's orchard at Moshav Tzuran. Each adopted tree will receive the best care and maintenance, watering and pruning. With your help, the orchard will yield 100,000 kg (220,000 lbs) of citrus fruits this winter. All produce is provided to needy, food insec...

Float Design Contest Winners
Congratulations Izzy Dachs, 3rd grader at Manhattan Day School in New York City! Izzy won the American Friends of Leket Israel (AFOLI) float design contest for the 2014 Celebrate Israel Parade. The 2014 parade marks the event’s 50th anniversary. A hearty thanks to the dozens of students and scho...

Leket Israel Wishes You a Happy Passover
Leket Israel Staff and Recipient Agencies Wish You A Happy Passover and Chag Kasher V’Sameach

From 715,924 lbs to 19,800,000 lbs
From 2005 - Today, Project Leket has increased its rescue of fresh produce by more than 26 times!

Gidi Kroch, Leket Israel’s CEO on Channel 2’s ''Hamaarechet''
Miki Haimovich, Israel’s leading TV presenter, conducted an investigation on food waste in Israel with Channel 2’s program “Hamaarechet” featuring Gidi Kroch, Leket Israel’s CEO, from 25:41 CLICK HERE TO LEARN THE SHOCKING REALITY

Adequate Nutrition Reduces Morbidity and Mortality in the Elderly Population
According to the National Health and Nutrition Study (Mabat Zahav), one quarter of the elderly living in Israel are nutritionally insecure. Based on world figures, it is conceivable that 1 in 10 suffer from malnutrition, a condition reflecting an inadequate intake of energy, protein and/or other...

Vered Katzav Goldstein
Vered Katzav Goldstein, 33, is married to Ze'ev, and lives in Yehud. She grew up in Petach Tikva and graduated from its Ben Gurion high school. Her military service was in computer support at the prime minister's office.

Meet Leket Israel Volunteer:  Evangeline Abbott
Vangie made Aliyah from the Philippines in 1999, lives in Ramat Gan and volunteers in Leket’s Meal Rescue project in the Tel Aviv area.

Maon Or Netanya comes to Leket Israel
At Maon Or, Netanya, an institution for the mentally disabled, the residents are used to seeing volunteers arrive to help them. But the group decided that giving back to the community is important and they initiated a volunteer program. Recently, they have started to volunteer with Leket Israel,...

Bat Shlomo Vineyard Supports Leket Israel
Following the success and positive response we received at Leket Israel’s 10 Year Gala this past December, we want to show our continued support for this wonderful organization.

Celebrate Israel Parade - Leket Israel Float Design Contest
American Friends of Leket Israel: Israel's National Food Bank and food rescue organization is looking for a new design for its parade float -- and we need YOUR help! Submit a design for what you think the float should look like and thousands of parade viewers will see your work! Read on for cont...

Greek Food Bank Meets Leket Israel
Representatives of “Boroume”, a virtual food bank in Athens, visited Leket Israel to learn how they operate their countrywide food collection programs and manage an extensive volunteer network throughout Israel. Click here for the full article and photos:

Key People: Yedidya Rosenberg
Meet Yedidya Rosenberg, Manager of Project Meal Rescue and our Agency Relations Department. Click here for the full story:

Phillip-Stein & Associates: US Certified Public Accounting Office in Jerusalem
Employees from Phillip Stein & Associates volunteered at Leket Israel’s Logistics Center in Ra’anana on Feb. 9, 2014 to sort agricultural produce for distribution to Israel's needy. Click here for details and :photos

Hamantashen:  Finally, you can enjoy them without feeling guilty!!!
Smadar, Leket Israel's in-house nutritionist, gives us some tips and recipes for the upcoming Holiday of Purim. Click here for the full article and recipes:

 “Sayeret Tapuz”: Operation Citrus
Recently (11/2/14-14/2/14), Leket Israel's winter citrus picking operation took place in backyards throughout Israel. All of the fruits that were collected, were distributed by Leket Israel to people in need throughout Israel. Click here for further details and for :pictures from the event

Spread the Joy - Send Purim Greetings
Spread the Joy - Send Purim Greetings. Every $1 donated is 10 extra pounds of produce for one needy person for a week. In celebration of Leket Israel’s 10th anniversary, through your online support, help us rescue 10 million pounds of food for Israel’s poor.

Annual Tournament Supports Leket Israel
The Israel Recreational Hockey Association is hosting its annual ice hockey tournament at the Canada Center in Metulla, Israel, February 10-14. Proceeds from the event will go to support the charitable activities of Leket Israel, Israel's National Food Bank. Donations towards registration can b...

PHOTOS: Leket Israel's 10th Anniversary Gala
Leket Israel would like to thank all those who attended its 10th Anniversary Gala, which took place on Saturday night Dec. 31 at Airport City's the Avenue. We greatly appreciate all of the supporters who were able to attend, and hope to see more of you next year.

Leket Israel Founder wins Bonei Zion Prize
We are pleased to announce that Leket Israel's beloved Founder and Chairman, Joseph Gitler, is a recipient of the Nefesh B'Nefesh Bonei Zion Prize for 2014. The award recognizes outstanding Anglo Olim – veteran and recent – who encapsulate the spirit of modern-day Zionism by contributing in a si...

Run for a Cause with Leket Israel
For the first time, Leket Israel, Israel's National Food Bank, is inviting you to run with us - and help us to rescue food for hundreds of thousands of needy Israelis! Join our fundraising team and you'll get free entry into the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Marathons (or a 150 NIS gift card from Werthe...

2013 Activity Highlights
Dear Friends, Thanks to your support, Leket Israel is reaching 140,000 people each week. We are delighted to share our 2013 Annual Highlights with you. Looking forward to our continued partnership on behalf of Israel's needy. Sincerely, Joseph Gitler, Founder and Chairman.

Update on Open Picking
There will be no Open Harvest Day at Nahalal tomorrow (Friday, Dec 27th). We would be delighted for you to join us at a special Open Harvest Day which will take place in honor of Tu B'Shvat (Friday, January 10) at Kvutzat Shiller! Read on for more details:

Hope Filled Volunteering
About a month ago Ido and Dror, who live in “Kfar Tikva” (Hope village) began to volunteer three times a week with Leket Israel at the organization's logistics center in Nesher. They volunteer sorting, packing and preparing baskets of vegetables for distribution to nonprofit organizations that Le...

Volunteers needed for food pick-ups
Leket Israel is seeking long term volunteers for a mid-day food pick-ups using a Leket Israel vehicle (vehicle is located in Ra’anana). Volunteering will take place once a week (Sun – Thurs), on a fixed day, between the hours of 13:00-16:30 pm. The volunteer will pick up large quantities of surp...

Tips and recipes for a smart kitchen
Learn from Leket Israel's Director of Nutrition and Food Safety, Smadar Hod Ovadia, how smarter use of everyday surplus food products can save you time and money.

Celebrate the New Year for Trees by Gleaning for the Needy
Celebrate the Tu B'Shevat (New Year for Trees) by picking fruit for those in need! When: Friday, January 10th, 2014 from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 Noon. This is a free activity and all are welcome. Please bring water, hats, closed shoes, and comfortable clothes. Our staff looks forward to greeting you i...

10 Year Commemorative Booklet
LEKET ISRAEL - 10 YEARS OF GROWTH. What began from the initiative of a single person, with your help, has grown into the largest food bank and leading food rescue organization in the country—today serving over 140,000 needy people on a weekly basis. Read the stories of how it all began and the ...

VIDEO: 10 Years of Growth
What began from the initiative of a single person 10 years ago, with your help, has grown into the largest food bank and leading food rescue organization in the country—today serving over 140,000 needy people on a weekly basis. We have come a long way in 10 years and we could not have done it ...