The David A. Cohen Family Leket Meal Rescue Project

Founded in 2003, The David A. Cohen Family Leket Meal Rescue Project was the organization's first initiative to go national. In 2014, our staff and drivers together with hundreds of volunteers, collected 1.5 million excess meals from 250 banquet halls, restaurants, food courts, large caterers, hotels, corporate cafeterias and IDF bases. Rescued food is immediately transported to soup kitchens, shelters, and other nonprofit agencies, or placed in refrigeration for distribution the following day.

Every night, tens of hundreds of Israelis celebrate weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and other
life-cycle events with catered affairs. Thousands more enjoy an evening out for dinner or an after-movie bite to eat.  Of course, special occasions are cause for great celebration, but what about the food left over at the end of the night?

Leket Israel partners with catering halls, restaurants, bakeries and hotels in all regions of the country to ensure that surplus food is delivered to needy people. Late each evening volunteers using their own cars collect the donated food and deliver it directly to non-profit organizations
or to Leket Israel's warehouses for cold storage and delivery the next day.  In addition, Leket Israel's trucks each day pick up surplus meals from hotels and other corporate cafeterias. 

Through the combined efforts of hundreds of registered volunteers and Leket Israel's logistics, 2,000,000 meals will be rescued in 2015.

For questions, or to donate excess food to The David A. Cohen Family Leket Meal Rescue Project, please contact:

Leket Israel Main Office




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