Leket Israel's advanced logistics centers, based in Ra'anana and Nesher, are equipped with refrigeration, 8 food cargo trucks, 5 off-road vehicles, and a tractor for agricultural gleaning. Offices are outfitted with modern computing and provide our logistics staff with the tools needed to offer quick, quality, and efficient service to hundreds of organizations across the country.

Main Logistics Center:

Located in Raanana's industrial zone, the logistics center maintains 2,000 sq meters (21,500 sq feet) of operational capacity, with an additional 700 sq meters (7,500 sq feet) of built in storage and modular shelving--enabling high storage capacity in the warehouseIn addition, the warehouse includes a 12 m x 8 m onsite refrigeration room with floor to ceiling capacity of 5.5 m (18 ft).  The high capacity refrigerator is used to store thousands of tons of vegetables and dairy products annually that have been rescued from fields or donated by farmers and food producers.  The refrigeration provides conditions that maintain food quality and safety prior to its redistribution.

The logistics center
in Ra'anana employs 10 professional staff and drivers who work every day loading Leket Israel trucks with fresh, healthy food products that make their way to hundreds of nonprofit organizations across the country.


Northern Branch:

The organization's northern branch, located in Nesher, just outside of Haifa, was established in 2007 to serve nonprofit agencies in the northern part of the country.  The northern branch maintains an operational capacity of about 200 sq meters (2,150 sq ft) and serves as a hub for smaller satellite branches located in Safed and Kfar Merar.

The Nesher center
employs a team of 4 staff including professional drivers and a Northern Branch Director, and operates two trucks providing the capacity to deliver daily food donations to about 100 nonprofit agencies in Israel's north.

Leket Israel Trucks:


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