Project "Good Afternoon"

Founded in 2008, Project Good Afternoon, also known as "Tzaharayim Tovim", was established to meet the growing demand for in-kind donations of prepared food, especially among nonprofits struggling to provide quality food to the needy. The project matches up food establishments with local nonprofits in peripheral areas of the country. Food is picked up by local volunteers in the afternoon and delivered to partner nonprofits.

A quarter of Israel's citizens remain in poverty; among them are some 850,000 hungry children.  The need is great and despite signs of an economic recovery many nonprofits have been hit hard by a drop in income from donations, and a growing number of poor are turning to them for assistance.  As a consequence, a greater demand is being placed on Leket Israel for weekly deliveries of produce, meals, and perishables.

In an effort to maximize efficiency and to expand donations of excess food throughout all areas of the country, especially in Israel's periphery, Leket Israel established project "Good Afternoon" also known as "Tzaharayim Tovim".  The project matches up corporations, food halls, and industrial producers directly to local nonprofits who can make best use of the food. Leket Israel staff make the initial contact and set up meetings between local nonprofits and area food establishments. 

Staff members explain the process and safety measures, taking care to reassure the food establishments to the professional nature of the collection and reuse of the excess food.  In many instances, Leket Israel provides all the containers, gloves, and utensils needed for the safe collection and transport of the food.  The project has been welcomed warmly by nonprofits who are able to garner credibility by working under Leket Israel's professional umbrella.

For more information about the program or to get involved, please contact:

Racheli Fefer


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