"Nutrition for Life" Program

Founded in 2010, Leket Israel's "Nutrition for Life" program works to teach the importance of good nutrition to Israelis with limited grocery budgets and the agencies who serve them. The program offers hands on workshops, lectures, and training with an emphasis on helping at-risk population groups and our partner nonprofits improve the nutritional value and food balance of food baskets and daily meals.

Leket Israel is actively working to educate food insecure Israelis to the benefit of quality nutrition. The "Nutrition for Life" program is an educational initiative that targets both the staff of nonprofits and Israel's needy with hands on workshops and training.  Workshops include cooking instruction, supermarket visits, and interactive lectures on nutrition and balanced food intake on a limited budget. 

Leket Israel also provides free consultation services and training to the staff of nonprofits in effort to improve the nutritional value of meals and food parcels provided by these agencies.  Specific food practices are examined and modified in line with nutritional guidelines, with an emphasis on the replacement of oils and sugars with food stuffs high in calcium, iron and proteins.  Nonprofits are encouraged to consider the quality and nutritional value of the food they provide to food insecure Israelis in all areas.

Please consider reviewing the informative articles linked below:

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For more information or to learn how to get involved with the program, please contact:

Smadar Hod Ovadia

Director of Nutrition & Food Safety



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