An App That Helps The Needy


February 10, 2012

An App That Helps The Needy

Leket Israelreleased its new iPhone and Android applications, which are availablein both Hebrew and English. The new apps help the user find the closestfood agency to donate any excess food from an event at a catering hall,an office party or a celebration at home.

Leket Israel is the first nonprofit in Israel todesign such an application. Some U.S. based food banks offer mobile appsto feed the hungry like the Boston Food Bank’s Give A Doodle app whichlets users donate food by simply doodling a picture of  food on theiriPhone, Android and tablet touch screens.

Leket Israel‘s Founder and Chairman Joseph Gitler is proud of the new app. He said, “TheLeket Israel app will allow both Israelis and tourists visiting Israeleasy access to finding the closest location in need of the surplus foodfrom their event. We are very excited to have created the first of itskind in Israel and to use technology to better serve those lessfortunate.

Today charities need to be just as sophisticated as people are in the business world, albeit with fewer resources,” he commented in interview for JPost, adding that “whilenot every charity has the need or means to become active on socialmedia or to develop downloadable apps for their public, for largerorganizations such as Leket, it is very important to get theirinformation out there and to make an impact.

Both the iPhone and Android versions of Leket Israel’s new app aresure to contribute to feeding Israel’s growing poor population.

Leket Israel is the largest food rescue network and works toalleviate the problem of nutritional insecurity among Israel’s poor.Their statistics are staggering: 40,000 volunteers helping to rescueover 700,000 meals and 21 million pounds of produce and perishablegoods. Leket Israel supplies over 1.25 million (7,500/school day)volunteer prepared sandwiches to underprivileged children. (via Rabbi Jason Miller)

Description: The Leket Israel application enablesyou to find the nearest nonprofit agency servicing the needy to bringyour excess food from a party, conference, event etc. to be immediatelydistributed to those who need it most. Help prevent unnecessary waste asit’s not only a good deed but it’s good for the environment.

AppLeket Israel – The National Food Bank by Quickode Ltd.

Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
:  Lifestyle
 January 25, 2012
Publisher:  Quickode Ltd. © 2011 Leket Israel
: Free (get app)


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