Directions to Logistics Center

Directions for Volunteering at the Ra'anana Logistics Center.

Driving directions to Leket Israel Logistics Center

For general questions please call the Main Office at 09-744-1757  

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From Highway 4:

At Raanana Junction North, turn west in the direction of Raanana. Continue going west. On your left is the city of Raanana. On your right is the Raanana Industial Area.

Take the first right in the direction of the Raanana Industrial Area at Tidhar Street.

Continue on Tidhar Street straight past the last light till you see Dafna St. Turn left at Dafna.

On Dafna, continue straight to the HP traffic square where you will see a dirt road on your right, Dolev St., leading to the fields. Turn right onto Dolev. Continue straight on the dirt road, go past some storage buildings, and continue on the warehouse (note the road winds first to the right and then, at the end, to the left).

Aids: There should be Leket Israel signs along the dirt roads. The Leket warehouse is the blue-roofed building you will see among the fields. Because the warehouse is located in the fields, more exact directions are a bit difficult. Should you need any immediate directions when on the way, please call the main office: 09-744-1757. For GPS purposes we use the address 1 Dolev Street, Raanana which will give you a general idea of the location, but not an exact hit.

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