Worrying Results from Leket Israel's Survey

According to a recent survey conducted by Leket Israel and Dialogue Ma’ala, a well know Israeli social research company, due to the rise in food prices this year, 43% of Israeli’s reduced their total monthly food consumption and increased their intake of cheap processed food high in carbohydrates. 73% reported a reduction in total food purchases all together

A November 2011 report published by Israel National Insurance (Social Security) reveals that one in every ten Israelis experiences hunger daily, illustrating the serious crisis of nutritional insecurity plaguing our country. At the same time, there has been a notable jump in food prices. In light of these shocking statistics, Leket Israel, in cooperation with Dialogue Ma’ala, conducted a survey to investigate the impact on Israeli society.   

The phone survey, conducted with over 500 people, reveals that 43% of Israeli’s this year reduced their total monthly food consumption and intake of quality food and 73% reported a reduction in total food purchases all together. Due to the rise in food prices, people are supplementing with products high in carbohydrates such as bread, rice and pasta; the majority of those affected articulated a decrease in total super market purchases overall. The decline in both the quantity and quality of food consumed by the average Israeli, diets lacking in dairy meat and produce, is more than just a matter of meal preference and taste. “The low quality food consumed is the cause of diseases such as obesity, anemia and other illnesses.” Gidi Kroch, CEO of Leket Israel explains, “We must consider the long-term implications of this reality.”

Leket Israel is addressing the issue head on; working to strengthen the nutritional state of Israel’s needy population by both providing nourishment and teaching tools to lead a healthy lifestyle.Leket Israel’s Nutrition for Life Program educates the needy as to the importance and know-how of maintaining a balanced diet through seminars and hands-on workshops lead by Leket Israel nutritionist, Sigal Faran. Faran explains “these seminars relay key tools for maintaining a healthy lifestyle through hands-on activities such as cooking demonstrations, trips to the supermarket and sessions on maintaining a balanced diet on a limited budget.”  Additionally, Leket Israel’s Non Profit Relations Unit ensures that nonprofit organizations handle food responsibly and safely. “Leket Israel’s initiatives and efforts are not to temporarily solve the problem” Kroch explains “but to ensure the longevity and better quality of life for all Israeli’s for many years to come.”

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