VIDEO: Bar and Bat Mitzvah Projects with Leket Israel

Celebrating your child's bar or bat mitzvah in Israel? Learn how Leket Israel can involve your child and family group in a meaningful bnei mitzvah project via hands-on activities appropriate for all ages. What better a way to commemorate this special event than by volunteering to help the less fortunate in Israel.

Celebrate your Bar/Bat Mitzvah with Leket Israel

 Volunteering with Leket Israel is a meaningful and memorable way to honor a Bar/Bat Mitzvah; celebrate this special milestone participating in one of Leket Israel’s projects to help alleviate nutritional insecurity in Israel. For each activity, the group is welcomed with a brief overview of Leket Israel and an explanation of its projects; then are given time to volunteer in the selected hands-on project. At the conclusion, the Bar/Bat Mitzvah is presented with a personalized certificate honoring their time volunteering and reaching this special milestone.


Project Leket- Pick fruits/vegetables for distribution to Israel’s needy with Leket Israel’s gleaning initiative. Groups are booked for a 2 hour picking session at our fields in Rehovot or Moshav Nahalal; a wonderful activity for groups of all ages and sizes.  Your child can bring family and friends to join in this significant work which is both rewarding and enjoyable. At the end of your gleaning session, we will present a personalized certificate in your child’s honor.
For more information on Project Leket, please click on the following link: Project Leket

   Meal Rescue – If you are making an event in Israel, Leket Israel invites you to donate the surplus food at the end of the party. You can join Leket Israel volunteers in packaging up the food for distribution to soup kitchens, shelters and many other nonprofit agencies caring for the needy.

Create your own project- Customize a volunteer project in Leket Israel’s main logistics center in Ra’anana to celebrate the day helping us sort vegetables and package them for distribution. To learn more about our logistics systems, please click on the following link:  Logistics Center.

 To coordinate any or all of the above, please contact Deena Fiedler at

If you will not be able to join us in Israel, let us create a personalized Chesed event or project to celebrate this special occasion. To see what we have done in the past, we welcome you to view: Mollie’s Bat Mitzvah. For more details, please contact Deena Fiedler at

  Let us help you keep your family and friends up todate on all your plans whether in Israel or abroad by creating a unique Leket Israel B’Simchas page where you can post pictures, information about your event, your child’s interests, etc. B’Simchas is also a great way to ask your guests to show support for Leket Israel in honor of this special occasion. To create a B’Simchas page, please click on the following link:  B'Simchas

 For more information on our Bnei Mitzvah Projects, please visit


Leket Israel is Israel’s National Food Bank and leading food rescue network actively working to alleviate nutritional insecurity in Israel through its many food rescue and redistribution projects. Food is reclaimed from hundreds of food suppliers (restaurants, catering halls, farms…) and redistributed to over 180 nonprofit organizations serving the needy; feeding 140,000 people weekly. To learn more, please visit

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