Food to the Rescue

In its July newsletter, learn how IsraelExperts collaborates with Leket Israel to rescue food. As a highly acclaimed tour operator, IsraelExperts involves its groups with vegetable picking through Leket Israel's innovative gleaning initiative. All of the produce picked by the tour groups go for immediate distribution to the needy. Throughout the years, IsraelExperts has incorporated Leket Israel into its groups' itineraries because they believe it is an important hands-on learning experience.

Food to the Rescue

A look at volunteers picking beets at Leket Israel's Moshav Nahalal farm.


Feeding over 60,000 people on a daily basis, Leket Israel, The National Food Bank, has come a long way since its one-man food rescue operation out of the back of a van. Joseph Gitler, a New Jersey native, realized the need for a program that helped feed those living below the poverty level.  With donated refrigerators and a team of volunteers, Israel's leading food rescue network was born.      


Leket Israel - The National Food Bank - specializes in food rescue and redistribution programs throughout Israel.  Partnered with food producers, farmers and over 300 non-profit organizations, Leket Israel is able to run very successful projects to feed the poor.  IsraelExperts believes in this kind of volunteer initiative which is why IsraelExperts' groups have been visiting Leket since its early days when Joseph Gitler first founded it.


Today, Leket Israel's meal collection project rescues and redelivers excess food from cafeterias, event halls and food manufacturers to non-profit organizations that distribute it to the needy within a couple of hours.  Since this project is only suitable for a small team of volunteers, most of our groups who volunteer work with Leket Israel's gleaning initiative, Project Leket, where they go out to Leket Israel fields and pick large amounts of fruits and vegetables to be distributed to the needy.  After two hours of picking in the fields you can really see and understand how you are making a difference and bringing food to the table.


Throughout the years, IsraelExperts has incorporated many volunteer opportunities like Leket into our groups' itineraries because we believe it is an important hands-on learning experience.  Whether you are picking onions, planting trees or working with people one on one, there are a number of ways you can get involved.  Click here for our list of volunteer opportunities while on your trip to Israel.


For more information about Leket Israel and to volunteer please contact Danelle Rubin 

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